1. This is not a para roleplay - All roleplaying happens over Tumblr and aim, so before you apply, be sure you understand what this means. More information can be found here.
  2. OOC drama is not tolerated - Most of us roleplay as an escape to the real world and it’s complexities. As such, we do not encourage any sort of out of character drama. IC drama is encouraged. If there are any problems between you and a roleplayer, contact the mod.
  3. Be active - We do understand that real life comes first, and that we all have certain responsibilities. That being said, in order to maintain storylines, we do ask that you try and be on at least a few times a week. After three days of inactivity, the mod will send a message. If there is no response your role will be re-opened.
  4. Use Tumblr - We do ask that when accepted you make a Tumblr page for your character. This way you can be open to posting selected conversations, asks, music, etc. 
  5. Be Literate and mature - Spelling and grammar are important to us, so please take that into consideration. When applying, be sure you are comfortable with mature themes, such as: Smut and drinking.
  6. On your application - Type in the words “smutty cupcakes” to be sure you’ve read the rules.